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Are you a first-timer in hiring a swimming pool maintenance company? Or are you looking for a better company for your pool? Either way, everyone is welcome to try out our outstanding team. We are armed with the most advanced technology and technique in maintaining your crystal-clear pool. Nonetheless, you're worry-free when you book us right now.

Virginia Water Swimming Pools

 It is no secret how Virginia Water is a perfect place to build a swimming pool. With its humid to warm summers and relatively mild but crisp winters, a county is ideal for a swimming pool either for family or commercial use. Nothing beats the beautiful countryside and lake at Virginia Water. A pleasant green land which tourists love.

As stunning as the view of the countryside, your swimming pool should not be ignored. You need to hire a professional team that has a history of positive feedbacks from past clients. Our swimming pool maintenance company can finish the job flawlessly. We'll make sure your pool will look brand new.

Types of Swimming Pool Maintenance Services for our Virginia Water Residents

We are armed with decades of experience, and so, we have cleaned every type of swimming pool. You may have been wondering what the types of swimming pool maintenance we do are? Well, you can read on and see for yourself.

Pool Circulation

Do you know water still needs to move to your swimming pool? The crystal clear water is not as stagnant as you thought. A swimming pool needs to have a filter and pump that's working so water can move and circulate. Also, stagnant water is the start of algae growth.

The skimmer, the pump, the filter, and the jet make up the circulatory system. If one malfunction, your swimming pool will suffer. After all, water is the reason why you or your family or customers love to go diving in the pool. The pump sucks water from the pool, and water travels through the pump into the filter. Meanwhile, the filter functions as a cleaner for small particles that could make your water dirty. What the pool jets can do is to push back into the pool.

Believe it or not, your pool pump is the "heart" of your impeccable pool. The pump draws water through the filtration system, where it's stripped of dirt, debris, and other impurities. From there, the clean water goes back to the pool.


The most basic type of swimming pool maintenance is cleaning. Bi-weekly or weekly is the best route to keep your swimming pool pristine and relaxing. The frequency of vacuum should be once a week. On the other hand, you can opt for brushing and skimming once every day. Cleaning means brushing your pool, skimming the debris off the top, and vacuuming the pool. They say manual maintenance is part of having a pool, but you can go the smart path of hiring a team of an expert like us. We should handle the cleaning of your swimming pool to create a clean and crisp cleaning.

Unless you purchase a more expensive robotic pool cleaner that needs extra maintenance, too, then you should contact us right now.

The basics of cleaning are scrubbing the walls with a durable pool brush. This action prevents the algae, stains, and scales in all areas of your swimming pool Virginia Water. You should not underestimate the steps, crevices, ladders, and below the skimmer too.

Skimming the surface of the water and vacuuming your pool is also part of our job. We also optimize the cleaning routine so you can enjoy each part of the swimming pool, your family, or your customers.


Put your swimming pool in shock chemistry bi-weekly and test 1-2 times per week. Chemistry is an essential requirement in keeping your water crisp and pristine. Balancing water isn't a piece of cake for most people. It needs some level of expertise to get the right chemical balance. When your chemical is an imbalance, then that's where cloudy water, algae, green water, or harmful bacteria breeds. It means that it's a colossal disaster. That's why a good testing kit is essential for your pool maintenance toolkit.

For the best result, we need to test your water weekly. It will be easier to maintain the right water balance if it is done often as possible. It includes testing the pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity, chlorine, and phosphates.

Another part of chemistry is "shocking," your swimming pool. Are you familiar with it? If not, then we'll tell you. "Shocking" means you overload your water with sanitizer to kill off any bacteria, contaminants, and organic matter. The general rule is that the more you use your pool, the often you should shock it. Another scenario you can shock your pool after is when an intense storm, unexpected contamination, and algae breakout happens.


Pool interiors are vital as they serve two purposes – to seal the inside and to look appealing. The interior of your pool is visible when your water is clean and clear. Have you experienced seeing the interior surface of a swimming pool when the pool water reflects light? It sets the overall tone and theme, making it visually appealing.

Renovating your pool is one step to help you be at ease with your investment. Yes, your pool is also a form of investment, so you don't want to lose your money's worth on it. Pool plaster surfaces generally last for 10-14 years without having to reapply.

However, pool tiles and scales removal are essential to upkeep. The pool mastic sealant and control joints can cause problems to you if damaged. The signs that you need to replace your pool mastic are as follows: cracks forming at the pool's edge, coping pieces becomes loose, a concrete deck is sinking lower than pool level. Prevent any mishaps from happening when you book us to clean, maintain, and refurbish your swimming pool in Virginia Water.



Would you risk your investment to inexperienced people? Probably not. It's the same with your pool. You don't want to risk ruining it as you can consider it as an investment. Going the DIY route entails more disadvantages than advantages on your part. True, you can save maybe half of the money for labor cost in hiring a professional swimming pool maintenance in Virginia Water, but that doesn't mean you'll be saving a lot too in pool equipment and tools. It is nice to know that you're still interested in why DIY is not recommended for you. Well, the reasons are as follows:

It would be best if you had time to study swimming pool maintenance

Lo' and behold, you need to study again if you want to DIY. The technicalities of maintaining, cleaning, and refurbishing a swimming pool. It's not easy as you think, as most DIY articles put it on the internet. It is not as simple as watching videos on YouTube for your way to a crystal clear pool because there is more to it than scrubbing and skimming. Water balance needs the right amount of chemistry, refurbishing needs to be done once without any mistake, and even cleaning your pool should have the right force. The consequences of below-standard swimming pool maintenance cause harm to both humans and the environment.

You’ll have a lot of free time

Do you want to spend your free time scrubbing and cleaning your pool? Imagine having only yourself do the dirty work; will that be fun for you? Of course, it's a NO. Unless you have a disorder for cleaning excessively and you love to spend your free time cleaning, hiring a professional should be your top priority. You'll save on time, energy, and effort when you hire a swimming pool maintenance service. Spend your free time on more meaningful things like relaxing and bonding with your family. Let us do the hard jobs for you.

Professional and experts working on your pool

Our team is professional and expert on swimming pools. We have decades of experience in cleaning and maintaining small to large pools. We're trustworthy and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of a swimming pool. Whether it's for family or commercial use, we know what we're doing, and each service we offer is on par with world-class.

High-quality equipment and tool

We only use the best high-end pieces of equipment and tools. Every day we're fully booked, but scheduling is easy because of how effective our equipment is. We do the job promptly, too, so you don't have to worry about your swimming pool maintenance, cleaning, and maintenance.

101% Client Satisfaction

We always aim to satisfy your needs. We guarantee that we are the best at what we do. A 101% client satisfaction is what we aim for in every service we provide. Although we are armed with decades of experience, we still ask for our client's insight and feedback as we value your thoughts too.

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