Swimming Pool Maintenance Surrey 

Swimming Pools are meant to be maintained, especially when you live in Surrey. A county in South East England, Surrey experiences extreme weather conditions in other months that could create health dangers if not cleaned and maintained. Good thing we are an expert not only cleaning and strengthening but also with repairing and refurbishing across the UK. Our company has started a professional swimming pool service in the 1990s and grow stronger each year. You don’t need to look anywhere else because our teams are true professionals and values each investment you put on your swimming pool. Whether it’s for recreational or commercial use, each swimming pool is treated with the utmost care and support.

Is Swimming Pool Maintenance Necessary in Surrey?

Just like how you need to clean your body, a pool also needs to be scrubbed and polished once a month. It is also like an investment that shouldn’t be neglected and resort to DIY maintenance. No, it would be best if you didn’t get your hands dirty on the pool maintenance as that can also lead to a disaster. Imagine putting on too much or too little chemicals on the pool and thinking it’s already clean. The next thing you know, your family members or the people who will use the pool will complain about itchy skin or rashes. It is because low maintenance can lead to bacteria build up in the water. Please leave it to the swimming pool maintenance experts to do the dirty job for you. This means a cleaner and safer environment for your Surrey pool.

Surrey Pool Maintenance Experts

We have been cleaning Surrey swimming pools for three decades and counting. The Surrey pools are those who need to be cleaned thoroughly by professionals like us. Surrey is a wooden county where rolling hills and valleys are alive. Your dirty pool shouldn’t ruin the outstanding natural beauty of the county. With this, our swimming pool maintenance company is at your service every day. We’re just one call away!

Swimming Pool Maintenance Specialists

Trusting us to clean your pool is the same as charging a specialist who has a track record of excellence. We aim to not only clean your swimming pool but also to provide good customer service. We can assure you we’re the most reliable and best in the whole of Surrey. We consider every aspect carefully and do what we promise when they come out to perform pool maintenance.

Again, Swimming Pool Maintenance is VERY Important

You’ll want your swimming pool to run at its best. Keep in mind that a bank is considered to be an investment. It’s like a car that needs oil changes or a pet that needs grooming. It can just be harmful to ignore pool maintenance. You don’t need to study and take up a course on swimming pool maintenance. Well, you can if you have a lot of time in your hands to know the nitty-gritty details of cleaning, maintaining, repairing, and refurbishing.

You can take the challenging route, but most people don’t have the patience for that. At this moment, you’ll realize that expert swimming pool professionals are all you need. We save you time and money with our affordable rates. Whether you already own a pool or looking to install a new one, we are a pioneer swimming pool builder and service provider, offering a wide range of pool-related services.

Unmaintained Pool Can Be Extremely Costly

Do you know that repair for pools is extremely costly? The thing is, swimming pools that are not maintained and cleaned correctly can cause a big hole in your pocket. Improper water balance and bacteria growth aren’t the only things you should worry about. A dirty swimming pool can also result in costly damage to the pool liner, eventually cracking when the proper water balance isn’t maintained. High acidity (the result of low pH) can cause etching, pitting, and delaminating in fiberglass pools. The repair can range as much as a thousand euros or more.

Fundamentals of Pool Maintenance

We only need to remove cloudy water, debris, Foul odor, oozy water, algae, and bacterial development for the mild to moderate cases. Our maintenance proposal depends on the condition of your pool. We have experienced different types of swimming pool maintenance that causes harm not only to humans but also the environment. Fortunately, severe problems can be resolved with professional swimming pool experts. With regularly scheduled checks and maintenance services offered, you can be sure that your pool and equipment are in good condition.

A pool should be vacuumed every week to keep the water clear and reduce the number of chemicals you need to add to it. More so, cleaning the filter regularly prevents clogs that could back up the system. For a cartridge filter, turn off the pump and open the air bleed valves at the filter’s top and the drain port at the bottom, so the water drains from the filter housing.

Proper Pool Circulation

We ensure the water filter system has the right momentum. Pools are not just a piece of cake. There are different pieces of equipment attached to it that need to be checked thoroughly. To make your water run smoothly, a proper pool circulation is highly recommended. We regulate and fix the filter speed as it should be.

Moreover, too-cold water could be a sign that the heating equipment is malfunctioning and struggling to keep up. We’ll check if the drain is broken, missing or obscured. Another thing we should check is the pool fence’s latching mechanism. This shouldn’t be easily breached by children or pets, as an accident might occur without your knowledge. Don’t let inattention or mistakes cost you more than it should. Just contact us for a regular pool maintenance plan that will take the hassle out of pool ownership.

Why Choose Swimming Pool Maintenance?

Here’s the good part, we’ll tell you the reasons why you need to choose us among the other swimming pool maintenance company out there:

#1: We’re flexible and friendly. Needless to say, we don’t judge our clients because of how grim their pools are. We understand these things. We’re flexible and friendly professionals that’ll keep your swimming pool crystal clear.

#2: We understand swimming pools. We’re cleaning and maintaining pools for over three decades, so expect top-notch performance. A swimming pool is an asset to any home. They are one part of your house that’s envied by friends and family. That being said, swimming pools are needed to be maintained every month.

#3: Transparent experts. No hidden charges, no hidden problems, and no hidden anything. We pride ourselves on transparency that is reflected in our track history with Surrey clients. We offer quotations that are upfront. A plus? We can even agree on a budget and negotiate, given that the pay won’t be too low for the cost of equipment.

Swimming Pool Maintenance in Surrey

Now that you know why our swimming pool maintenance is the best, you should try out our service and let us work our magic on your pool. Trust us; you won’t regret letting us clean your pool. Each corner and tiles are treated, especially by our team. What are you waiting for? Let our team take a look at your pool and let yourself experience a one-of-a-kind service that our clients come back for.


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