How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Pump?

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Swimming pool pumps: Choosing the right one for your pool

If you are considering building a new swimming pool or just want to replace your pool pump, choosing the right horsepower (HP) pump can be challenging. However, sometimes it does not matter which type of pump you are choosing, as all you need to ensure to have the correct pump and filter combination. The size of the pump should appropriately have to associate with the filter's flow rate. Having a higher flow rate pump can stain both the pump and the filter. So, it becomes essential to choose the accurate size pump for your pool.

 What are the uses of the swimming pool's pump?

Swimming pool pumps have been referred to as the heart of the pool. It creates the water flow that helps in circulating the chemicals in the pool and controls it. It makes sure that the chemical gets properly distributed and prevents the water from stagnating. Pool pumps carry water from the pool to the filter, heater, and chlorinator to make it filtered and sanitized.

Ways to calculate correct pool pump size

As being swimming pool experts, we most of the time get asked about what HP pump should be installed. The most reliable method to determine the size of the pump is actually not the motor's HP; instead, it should be calculated as per gallons per minute of water flow.

  • For calculating how many gallons your pool needs to pump each hour is determined by an 8-hour total turnover, which looks like 40 GPM (gallon per minute).
  • Check how many gallons of water your pool can hold to calculate it. As an example, let's take 24,000 gallons of water your pool can have.
  • Check how many gallons of water you need to pump in eight hours and then divide the gallon of waters by eight to get the exact equation. As 24000 gallons divided by eight= 3,000.
  • As pumps get identified how many gallons it can move per minute, which needs to be divided by 60 (60 minutes). 24000 gallons divided by 8 hours = 3000 divided by 60 = 50 GPM.
  • The pump's GPM will go down considerably away from the pump concerning the pool.
  • Extra water features like fountains, spa, etc. can demand a higher GPM rate which relates to a higher HP pump.

Your swimming pool can have multiple sizes of the pool pump. However, it needs to be determined correctly.

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