If you're looking for a trustworthy and 5-star rated commercial swimming pool maintenance, then you've come to the right website. Our company have maintained Swimming Pools across London and around the M25 since the 1990s. Over three decades and counting of service, we can guarantee that our services are at par to your high standards. You won't regret having us on-board as your go-to swimming pool maintenance. With that said, not all hotels and resorts know why a separate cleaning company is necessary for a commercial swimming pool. This leads to low-quality pool service, which means fewer customers wanting to stay and relax on your pool amenities. Save your business from going downhill with the help of our professionals. Aren't convinced yet? Then, you better read on to learn more.

A Professional Commercial Swimming Pool Maintenance Company

Imagine having your pool be taken care of by any of your staff who doesn't have knowledge and experience with a commercial swimming pool maintenance, do you think that will work? Of course, it will work, alright. But get ready to replace your pool equipment several times, complaints from guests because of algae growth and risk it to become a dangerous place. Fascinating, isn't it?

Well, here are some reasons why you need a professional commercial swimming pool maintenance:

  • Hiring a professional saves time

Why use your employees valuable time cleaning and maintaining when you can use that time to cater to your guest. As a professional company, we have the vision to help your business create more productive tasks that put you on the advantage. A dedicated swimming pool maintenance team can help you achieve a façade of relaxing recreational facilities.

  • Hiring professional lets, you avoid stress.

Believe it or not, cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool is a stressful task. For most people, even a small swimming pool needs a lot of effort and energy. It goes to show that this is not helpful to employees' productivity.

  • Hiring a professional means having expert advice

Get the benefit of a clean a swimming pool and expert advice at the same time. No one knows swimming pools better than the people who work on it. A professional pool care company will not only take care of your pool for you; they will also give you tips on how best to maintain your pool's ideal condition between professional cleanings.

  • Hiring a professional maintains your swimming pool's value.

You can perceive your swimming pool as an investment because it is a facility on your resort or hotel whom your guest love to lounge around. A swimming pool is an asset of your business, and so, its maintenance should be handled professionally. The value of your swimming pool can go a long way if you let an expert swimming pool maintenance company preserve it.

  • Hiring a professional means a well-balanced swimming pool

Chemicals are made of different components. They can add to some complication sometimes, and this can come out unsafe. Other people swim in your pool. These people also have different skin type, so it's better to have a professional swimming pool maintenance do the chemical balancing for you. If your water turns out unbalanced, it becomes hazardous.

  • Hiring a professional means frequent inspection

Depending on your package, our team can do a frequent inspection for you. A professional who has a checklist of what needs to be done is crucial on any recreational business. One of the most significant benefits of regular swimming pool cleaning service is that a professional will automatically be inspecting your pool and its equipment regularly. They will be able to identify problematic cracks, sharp edges, and other hazards or damage in need of repair.

  • Hiring a professional saves you money.

Think about this: Having a swimming pool maintenance company saves you a ton of money. Why? Professionals detect potential problems early on; this way, issues don't have time to worsen, which would eventually lead to costly repairs. A regularly and professionally maintained pool will last longer, keep its value, and develop fewer problems than a DIY maintained pool.

How Do We Clean A Commercial Swimming Pool?

The last thing your commercial pool needs is a bad reputation. Whether you're in the hospitality, housing, fitness, or spa industries, leaving a good impression on your clients is a must. So, how can you keep your commercial swimming pool in good shape?

Just make sure to keep your pool nice and clean. It takes more than skimming a pool to keep it completely safe and clean for public use. Commercial pools get plenty of use by people of all ages and degrees of cleanliness. Whether the pool is indoors or outdoors, certain gunk also can pollute them. Commercial swimming pools are more likely than residential pools to get dirty, so you need some professional advice to keep them clean.

Here are the top five maintenance tasks to help you keep your pool sanitary.


As with many tasks that you need to perform to maintain your business, keeping a checklist and schedule can help you stay on top of pool maintenance. There is an option you can do like write down general cleaning and skimming tasks, test the water, check the pool equipment, apply water treatments as necessary, and other essential maintenance necessities. This can help you keep employees on top of daily tasks. Remember to hire a professional pool company for more advanced maintenance tasks, such as inspecting the filter.


Not only does your pool water and deck need to stay in good shape, but so does your pool's equipment. Metal accessories such as railing can get rusty or develop stains over time. Minerals can even build upon submerged metal. Apply polish and a wax treatment to keep metal looking shiny. This helps make your commercial pool look and feel more appealing. It also can prevent rust and breakdown, which lowers your chances of an accident happening on your property.


Right cleaning equipment improves output. Investing in good equipment allows you to maintain a better pool. Use the right products for cleaning the deck, pool tiles, grout, grates, the floors and walls of the pool itself, and more. Pool water chemicals should be safe on the human skin, which also prevents litigation by clients.

Also, use a good pool vacuum. You should find a vacuum that you can completely submerge in the pool, hoses that are designed not to suck up air pockets, and changeable hose connectors for different cleaning capabilities. Or, you could hire a pool maintenance team for your commercial pool in Atlanta that already has this advanced equipment, rather than having to buy all of this yourself.


The feed tubes in the pool pumps, tubing that keeps chemical leaks out the water, and another pool tubing can wear down over time. When they get brittle or tear, they don't work correctly, and your pool's performance can suffer. Many problems with a pool's performance can be attributed to lousy tubing. Check your pool's tubing at least twice a year and replace it as needed. Tubing is relatively cheap, and staying on top of this task can save you money on future repairs.


The pool pump and filter are some of the most vital components of your swimming pool. Without these elements, you're sending clients into a hotbed of bacteria, fungi, and even pests. A right pump and filter will prolong the life span of your pool. To ensure proper pool water filtration and circulation:

  • Inspect the pump and filter regularly.
  • Repair problems right away and close the pool for repairs if the pump or filter aren't working correctly.
  • Replace worn seals and gaskets right away.
  • Clean out the strainer regularly. You can even use a flowmeter to check your pool filter's settings.

Hiring a commercial swimming pool maintenance should be part of your business plan. In any entrepreneurship, you can't just risk anything. Don't assign the cleaning and maintenance to just anybody of your employees, as this may turn to bad than good. You should let a professional handles it because a bad swimming pool can raise complaints and problems to your customers or guests. Like our company, we aim to help out different businesses with their pool because it takes a lot of time, effort and energy if your team does it alone. Also, it saves you a ton of money if you hire a team of swimming pool experts.

If you want to know about commercial swimming pools and experience high-quality work, call us today. We'll be happy to give a solution to all of your swimming pool problems. It is better to have professionals take care of your swimming pool. After all, that is one of your amenities where people love to take a deep in. We always aim for your success in commercial business through a swimming pool that'll surely attract a lot of visitors.


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